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  • See more than 30,000 sea creatures from 400 water species and as you visit SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

  • Stroll through one of the largest underwater aquariums in Southeast Asia and admire the beautiful underwater world

  • Head towards the Penguin Ice Playground and be amazed by watching adorable Gentoo Penguins swimming around

  • Explore two of Bangkok's top attractions, SEA LIFE and Madame Tussauds as you book a convenient combo ticket

  • Book SEA LIFE Ocean World tickets, walk through the ocean tunnel and admire the amazing underwater world

  • Visit Madame Tussauds and pose with the replicas of your favorite celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Michael Jackson & Vin Diesel

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Madame Tussauds is located a short walk from SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World, on 989 Rama I Road (same street as SEA LIFE)
  • Re-entry is not allowed after you leave the venue.
  • Madame Tussauds Bangkok ticket will be expired within 7 days after the first scan at Sea Life Bangkok.
  • This activity is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Please note: The show times listed are for reference only.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at arrival. All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details upon arrival.
  • The voucher is valid only on the specified date.
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Overview Of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, located in Siam Paragon, Bangkok. It features hundreds of different species on exhibits such as various types of Starfish, Jackass Penguins or African Penguins, and many others. This sea world is a massive attraction with a variety of themes and experiences for everyone to enjoy. There are 11 different zones to explore, ranging from the Shark Walk to the Penguin Ice Playground, with back-to-back locations to enjoy.

This aquatic wonderland is also home to creatures such as the Giant Pacific Octopus, cute little Gentoo Penguins, Sand Tiger Sharks, and Thailand's one and only Large-tooth Sawfish. If you want to learn more about marine life, there will be interactive shows and animal feeding sessions to participate in and enjoy. There are numerous activities to enjoy at the Rocky Shore, Short Walk, Ocean Tunnel, and many other themed zones and exhibits along with admirable walls filled with pictures, displays, and lights to catch your attention

Why Visit Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, formerly known as Siam Ocean World, is one of the world's dozens of Sea Life aquariums, but that doesn't make it any less special. Here, you can plan and discover the amazing underwater life and unleash the cool underwater experiences with exotic water creatures. The ocean world is divided into many zones, and each set of zones is home to a variety of sea creatures. In the ocean world, you can also watch the feeding and talk shows. Make the best and most day-filling place to visit by booking Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World tickets.

  • Prepare for a one-of-a-kind experience as you explore Thailand's largest underwater aquarium.
  • Enjoy and have a great time with your family and friends by taking a glance at the feed and talk shows.
  • Also, plan and enjoy your whole day in this ocean world which has over 10 different and beautiful zones.
  • In the vast aquatic theme world, you can see a variety of water species and creatures.
  • Prepare to take part in a variety of feeding and interactive sessions with the sea creatures.
  • Explore the magnificent Ocean Tunnel as well as 14 themed attraction points.
  • Stop by the Ice Adventure to cool off and interact with the Gentoo Penguins.

Most Popular Zones At Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Explore the most popular zones at Sea Life Bangkok for a memorable journey through the marine world. Be amazed by the shimmering, exotic, and fascinating creatures living in their natural habitat. Step out from the ocean and get into the Rainforest zone to discover what life is like beneath the tropical treetops, which are home to a plethora of unique and mysterious creatures. Make time to visit the spectacular underwater tunnel, which is the highlight of Sea Life. Besides this, are you up for an adventure with the sea creatures? Then try to visit all of these zones.

Rocky Hideout

Find your way to Rocky Hideout in Sea Life by exploring the incredible underwater world and looking at the mysterious yet exotic creatures of the ocean waters. Such as the Giant Pacific Octopus, Spiny Lobster, and Giant Spider Crab. These aquatic creatures astound us with their ability to blend in with the surrounding rocks and other ocean stuff. All of these creatures are displayed in clear glasses, allowing you to see them up close and clearly. So just find all the creatures hidden in the rocks on the other side of the glass.

Shark Walk

Begin by taking a stroll down to the Shark Walk zone, which is a room space filled with shark effect lights and a glass floor that allows you to see the real sharks swimming below you. The walk is both enjoyable and adventurous, allowing you to marvel at all of the sharks while learning fascinating facts about them. There are three large interactive screens that will present you with information about all of the shark species in the tanks. So get ready, brave and courageous, to take a walk on the sharks at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.

Coral Reefs

Prepare to be amazed by the exoticism and beautiful colours of the underwater world on the B1 floor. During your visit, you will be able to experience the magic of Coral Kingdom. Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and vital ecosystems on the planet. At Sea Life Bangkok, you can dive into a dazzling underwater paradise and wave your fins. Also look for Coral Reef inhabitants such as lionfish, pufferfish, Moray eel, and many others. Prepare to be wowed by hundreds of clownfish and other sea creatures in a rainbow of colours. Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World also has marine life and a coral reef paradise.

SeaHorse Kingdom

Enter the Seahorse Kingdom, where the pillars are half structure and half glass, and where the Seahorse lives and can be easily spotted. Sea dragons and seahorses may sound like mythical creatures, but in this zone, you can see how real they are. Seahorses in this kingdom use their curly tails to grip seagrass and their straw-like snouts to suck up tiny seafood. Did you also know? Male seahorses, sea dragons, and pipefish are the only male animals capable of reproducing. You can also look for more such fascinating facts in this zone.

Rainforest Adventure

Step into a completely different world in the ocean world, the Rain Forest Adventure, where you can easily spot creatures such as the Bearded Dragon, Poison Dart Frog, Big Fish, Leopard Tortoise, and many more. Be wary of all the creatures, and don't touch them. Predators can appear from any direction, above or below the water, on the river; crocodiles and monster catfish lurk in the mud-red waters, while birds of prey and big cats prowl the banks. To survive in this environment, you must be tough. Many rainforest creatures are large and toothy, but sometimes the smallest and most harmless are the most dangerous.

Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore is a habitat for baby King Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, and Humboldt Penguins on the B2 floor of Sea Life Bangkok. In this zone, you can see a variety of Penguin species. You can play around with them and feed them. They enjoy sliding down icy patches on their bellies and taking turns diving into the sea. The penguins can survive in this zone because the atmosphere is cold and there is ice all around the room. This zone also offers feeding programmes for all of its visitors on specific days and times. So just have a good time with your family and friends while watching the penguins have a good time.

Ocean Tunnel
Ocean Tunnel

Make time to visit the spectacular underwater tunnel, which is the highlight of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Walk through this magical path surrounded by sea life such as sharks, eagle rays, and schools of fish to immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean. Their movements through the tunnel are surreal, so don't forget to take as many pictures as you can. Furthermore, a beautiful display of an icon from a well-known Thai myth story will captivate your attention, as it has with countless previous tourists.

Rock Pools Ocean Tunnel
Rock Pools Ocean Tunnel

Rockpools are an amazing micro-habitat zone teeming with amazing creatures. The zone is formed by the water that is left behind when the water runs out. These shallow pools are home to a wide variety of creatures. To adapt to changing temperatures and crashing waves, the creatures must be tough. Turtles, starfish, hermit crabs, and other sea creatures can be found in the Rockpool zone. The zone also has kid-friendly stalls where they can interact with all of the creatures. There are also many amazing fun facts and pictures with descriptions all over the walls of the rooms.

Tropical Ocean
Tropical Ocean

Be mesmerized by the tropical ocean exploration zone, which features pufferfish and lionfish. This zone also features a massive 7-meter-high aquarium with a panoramic view of breathtakingly beautiful coral and fish species. There are information boards set up to provide you with interesting information about their life cycles as well as the importance of marine preservation efforts to preserve all of the creatures. All of these zones and fun sessions are included in the Sea Life Bangkok ticket.

Most Popular Creatures At Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World is home to hundreds of water creatures, making it difficult to choose the most adored and popular. Majestic Sharks, vibrant Clownfish, Starfish, exotic fishes, Sea Turtles, and many more. People can also get to know and see them closer than ever before. There are many creatures, ranging in size, species, and endangered status, that have been rescued and cannot be released back into the wild and have been protected in various habitats.

Coral Reef Inhabitants

One of the most beautiful zones in the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is the coral reefs and their creatures. Clownfish, Lionfish, Pufferfish, and Moray Eel live in this area of water. The inhabitants of the coral reef are very attractive, which complements their background, which is also filled with brightly coloured beauty. Coral reefs are densely packed with creatures, all living together in a compact space. Reef inhabitants have some clever tricks up their sleeves to catch enough food and avoid their predators. They are mostly brightly coloured and are easy to spot through the glass cases.

Rainforests Habitants

Step out of the ocean world and get into the Rainforest Adventure Zone. Discover what it's like to live beneath the tropical tree line. Rainforest rivers, which wind through the roots and trunks of trees, are home to a variety of strange and wonderful creatures. Bearded Dragons, Poison Dart Frogs, Arapaima, Otters, Big Fish, and Leopard Turtles are common. Arapaima is one of the largest freshwater species, with a unique breathing organ that allows them to survive the dry season. Many other lovely and vibrant creatures can also be found throughout the zone. Many other creatures can also be seen near the Rainforest River.

Rockpool Inhabitants

The Rockpools zone contains amazing micro-habitats brimming with incredible creatures. Starfish, which can be discovered in each and every ocean in the world, can also be seen in vivid colours in the Sea Life zone. Then there are turtles, hermit crabs, and Jackass Penguins which also accompany other creatures in this zone. Various species of each creature can also be found in the museum's glass cases. The rockpool inhabitants are popular among children and people of all ages because they are vibrant, beautiful, and can be easily seen in large groups.


Turtles are the most popular sea world creatures, and they are kept in a beautiful habitat to protect the other form of endangered turtle species. Turtles are ancient reptiles that have existed for more than 200 million years. They coexisted with the first Dinosaurs on our planet. Turtles can also be seen on land as well as in the water. When they feel threatened, they retreat into their shells to protect themselves. There are also many turtles in this sea museum that fascinates all visitors to have a close up look.


The majestic sharks are one of the most popular attractions at Bangkok Sea Life Ocean World, as the creatures are known to be extremely powerful, wild, and ferocious. Other shark species that can be seen include the Sand Tiger Shark, Nurse Shark, and Black Tip Reef Shark. The museum also provides a special VIP experience in which visitors can snorkel while viewing a shark in the waters in complete safety. Sharks are well-known among young people and, most likely, people of all ages. Many people also try to attend Shark feeding shows to see the wilderness in the ocean world waters.


Rays, like sharks, are well-known at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. These are also the creatures that, like sharks, lack a bony skeleton. Their skeleton, like our human nose and ears, is made of cartilage. Rays are lighter, as a result, making it easier for them to glide through the ocean. Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Shovelnose Rays, and Bowmouth Guitarfish can also be seen. There are many other interesting facts and descriptions on the walls of the museums, just like this one, that makes Rays spotting fun and exciting for everyone.


Gentoo penguins and Penguins are among the most popular species of penguins at Sea Life Bangkok. They are 'flightless' birds, but they can soar through the water like a torpedo in search of fish to eat. Penguins are popular among all creatures because they can be seen up close and without the use of a glass case. The Sea World also organises Penguin feeding shows, allowing all visitors to interact and have a good time. This species' habitat is also chilly, cold and beautiful, with all of the Penguins sliding around and having a good time.


Makita, a large creature, is well-known for its enthralling appearance at the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. Discover the only large-tooth sawfish on an underwater adventure in Thailand. It travels through the longest underwater tunnel in South East Asia at the aquarium. Despite its predatory rostrum and shark-like body, the sawfish is a friendly and lovable creature. Makita is also easy to spot due to its long and massive body. People love to take pictures and videos whenever they see this beautiful creature moving around.


Seahorses can be found in oceans all over the world. There are more than 50 different types of seahorses in the world. Seahorses, Big Belly Seahorses, and Alligator Seahorses can all be found here. Some live on coral reefs, others among mangrove roots, and many in seagrass meadows. Big Belly Seahorse is a large seahorse that got its name from its large stomach. This species, unlike most seahorse species, is a strong swimmer. They come in a variety of colours, which entices all visitors to take a closer look.

Experiences At Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is a fantastic place full of amazing underwater experiences. There are various experiences and activities in Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, including the basic versions and the VIP experience visit, which requires everyone to pay an additional charge. You can stroll around and relish each zone of the magnificent world. One can also get a better look at the living creatures by walking near the exhibits, and tunnel, and taking a glass-bottomed boat ride. You can also take your children and family to the 4D movie theatres to see what's beneath the land's surface.

Shark Dive

In Sea Life Bangkok, you'll get a great adrenaline rush as you delve deep into the world below. The Sea World offers a dive into the waters to get a close-up look at the sharks. Experienced trainers will bring you face to face with sand tiger sharks, blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks, round ribbon tail rays, eagle rays, and other exotic aquatic species. However, only people with a reasonable level of swimming ability can participate in this activity. It is critical that you, the diver, do not have any contraindications to diving because diving can be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions.

Beyond The Surface

Get one-on-one time with experts and the people behind the Sea Life Bangkok Museum's legendary work. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak with the expert team. Learn how they created the ideal environment for the underwater creatures, what they like to eat, how they keep everything running smoothly, and the massive amount and variety of food they prepare every day. Join the 'Beyond the Surface Tour' to discover the secrets for 350 THB/person, which is not included in the Sea Life Bangkok ticket price.

Glass Bottom Boat
Glass Bottom Boat

Take an exciting ride on our Glass Bottom Boat to see the underwater creatures that are just below you right up close. Get right up close with sharks, stingrays, and a wide range of fish while being entertained by an informative introduction from the Sea Life Bangkok team, who also feed the fish by hand. Don't miss out on these exciting activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family during your visit. This activity is available every day and is suitable for people of all ages. Sea Life Bangkok tickets can be purchased with the assistance of the staff at the Glass Bottom Boat kiosk for booking your ride session.

4D Cinema

At Bangkok Sea World's 4D cinemas, you can enjoy a movie theatre experience like no other. Have fun with your children, family, and friends while watching the projections of underwater creatures in the beautiful place's theatre mode. Feel the creatures pass in front of your eyes as you experience the 4D view. Get the underwater world's surreal effects without having to worry about swimming in it. The cinema is open 24 hours a day and has back-to-back shows every hour. The 4D cinema is reserved for children aged 7 and up. Tickets and seats can be reserved at the information desk.

Feeding Programmes At Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Are you looking forward to getting up a close look at the sharks, penguins, otters, freshwater fish, and other water creatures? Then, in this vast aquatic world, there are numerous feed and talk shows in which all visitors can participate and have fun. The shows, which are free with admission, are open to children, youth, and people of all ages. All of these costs are included in the tickets purchased when entering the ocean world at Sea Life Bangkok. The showtimes differ in each zone, so you can plan ahead of time and see them all.

Shark Feeding

Be amazed by the extraordinary feed show that takes place in the G zone of the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, where predators of the ocean are left free in the waters to feed themselves among other water creatures. This is visible to all visitors through the glass case on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. When it comes to feeding time in our shark display, survival of the fittest is the name of the game. People of all ages can watch and enjoy this feeding show, as well as share pictures and videos of it. Admission is free because it is included in the price of Sea Life Bangkok tickets.

Gentoo Penguin Feeding

All of the Gentoo Penguins in the Sea Life Ocean World can be found at Penguin Point. Step into this simulated aquatic Antarctic world and observe the penguins soaking, diving, and gliding through the viewing windows. Watch the playful penguins play on the ice and swim before lunch in Zone E. Later, the team and staff come in and feed all of the penguins in the Antarctic world. This feed show takes place every day, and people of all ages are welcome to watch it and have fun. The show, however, almost always takes place between 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM.

Otter Feeding

If you want your kids to have fun and fall in love with the tiny creatures, Otter feeding point is the best place for them as well as people of all ages. Adore small-clawed otters and their adorable antics. They are a hit with kids, who admire the Asian short-clawed otters and enjoy their adorable antics. The admission fee for this feeding activity is included in the price of the entry tickets. Fortunately, this activity occurs every day, so all visitors are advised not to miss this feeding show with their families.

Tropical Ocean Feed

The Tropical Ocean's zone C is brimming with underwater adventures and beauty. By attending the Tropical Ocean Feed show and communicating with the underwater divers, one can learn about the coral reefs and the creatures that live there. Enjoy both shows with your family and friends, which take place around noon daily to learn more about the coral reef creatures. Anyone with an entry ticket is welcome to attend the show during their visit. Divers submerge themselves in an 8-metre tank to feed the sea life, a one-of-a-kind exhibit in South East Asia.

Seahorse Feeding

The Seahorse Kingdom is easily visible near Zone D of Ocean World. As you enter the show, you will be struck by the beauty of all these little creatures eating their meals. The seahorses feed by curling their tails up, which is quite fascinating to watch. The show is held every day at 2 p.m., and people of all ages are welcome to attend. Furthermore, admission to this zone and show is free because it is included in the cost of admission to Ocean World Bangkok.

Archerfish Feeding

The Archerfish feeding show, which anyone and everyone can participate in, is the best and most easily accessible. The show begins around 11:45 a.m. and is entertaining to watch as the food is placed in the water, schools of fish swim in groups to grab it. The fishes are also vibrant and colourful, with a variety of textures and patterns on their skin. This show takes place in the Tropical Rainforest zone, and there is no admission fee to enter this zone because it is already included in the admission fee to the Ocean World.

Know Before You Visit Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Location - B2 Floor, Siam Paragon Building, B1, 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Timings - The timings to visit the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is fixed for every day, which is 10 AM to 8 PM.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is any time during the day hours and weekdays, as the ocean world set-up has less crowd during this time. You are welcome to visit the location at any time during the opening hours. Even so, it is recommended to enter the ocean world earlier in the daytime in order to enjoy all of the zones spread across the vast location.

Tips To Visit Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

  • You can easily get to Sea Life World by public bus, train, or taxi.
  • To ensure a smooth journey, book your tickets ahead of time through online platforms. You can also purchase them at the ticket counter.
  • Try to explore every zone of the vast ocean world while also creating memories and taking amazing photos.
  • Don't forget to purchase tickets for VIP experiences such as 4D Cinemas, glass-bottom rides, shark diving, and the Beyond the Surface tour.
  • Carry your tickets and other essentials with you to ensure a smooth journey.

Know More About Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World FAQs

How to reach Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

    Sea Life Bangkok is easily accessible by car or public transportation. You can also walk to the sea world in 5 to 10 minutes from Siam Square, Central World, or MBK Shopping Centre. One can also take the BTS sky train or various bus options by purchasing tickets at the respective stations.

What are the timings of Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

How much time do we need to explore the place fully?

How many zones are there at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

How many species of fish are there at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

Can we feed the sharks at Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World?

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